How Not to Gain 10 Pounds During Football Season

Football In the South, we love college football.  Just the word “football” evokes a stream of emotions. The problem is that people tend to overeat when they are emotional.

Some of the emotions that football fans might feel when watching their favorite teams on Saturday afternoon include fear, excitement, dread, ecstasy, horror, extreme sadness, jubilation, anger, indignation, total despair and depression.

Do you know what happens when you mix strong emotions with potato chips, peanuts, ribs, sausage, potato salad and beer?  


It can be a total disaster for rabid football fans to sit in front of their TVs for 3-10 hours with a spread of every trigger food known to mankind. And it seems like the bigger the crowd in the den, the higher the proportion of food and alcohol consumed per capita, per hour.  Sometimes competition for food can even be fierce.

So, how do we deal with this stark reality and not put on 10 pounds during football season? Here are 10 ideas labeled with a football term to help you remember them:

  1. Be an offensive coordinator: Know which food plays you are going to execute before the game.  Have a plan.  Maybe snack on sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds rather than on peanuts or potato chips.
  2. Be a defensive coordinator: When the double-cheese, loaded nachos are served, and the host says to please try them, take just one immediately. Tell them how delicious they are and return to yelling at the TV. Remember, just one!!!! You are being polite and eating just one bite isn’t going to kill you.
  3. One Extra point: Don’t eat anything until your team makes their first touchdown and is kicking the extra point. You will probably be too nervous to eat anything until then anyway.
  4. Holding penalty: If you find yourself picking up and holding your food, instead of putting it on a plate, or if you are eating off of someone else’s plate, penalize yourself one beer for each infraction.
  5. SEC: If someone mentions how good the SEC is, they are talking about the conference. It is not short for eating SECONDS!
  6. “Push them back, Push them back, W A A A Y back”: This is the chant you should say to yourself if anything sweet, such as M&M’s, are put on the table.
  7. Illegal use of the hands: Quit eating anything that you can easily keep putting in your mouth such as chips and nuts.
  8. Safety: (2 points)
  • Eat less to keep your personal end zone smaller.
  • A blitz might be a good strategy to create a safety (I did not say a blintz).
  1. Famous Beer play: Alternate beer and water.  For example:

2015 order of alcohol consumption: Beer, beer, beer, beer.

2016 order of alcohol consumption: Beer, water, beer, water.

This trick play saves half the beer calories for the entire season. Depending on how much you drink, this alone could save you 10 pounds during football season.  Especially if you tend to eat potato chips and nuts while you indulge.    

  1. Avoid a blow out: If you make a few mistakes on your choices, just keep playing and don’t give up. Remember, it is a 16-week season and practice makes perfect—just do better next week.

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