How is Your Diet Going?

My diet is going fine, Thanks for asking. Now go away.For the 10th time, quit dieting!  Diets are useless.  If we are going to successfully lose weight, we have to create new habits that we can live with forever.

Do any of my horrible old habits listed below sound familiar to you?

  • Standing in front of the freezer, spoon in hand, looking for the half-gallon container of double chocolate-marshmallow ice cream.
  • Eating your kids’ leftover hamburger and French fries as you take them to the sink.
  • Eating that second piece of birthday cake, just to be a good sport and help celebrate the birthday.
  • Going to the movie and getting the largest tub of popcorn with extra butter.
  • Opening the new family-size bag of Fritos before going to rob your child’s Halloween candy.

I consider these habits pretty horrible. I am not proud of them, but the truth is the truth. I just read a fascinating book titled The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  I want to share with you some good news and bad news about habits.

The bad news is you cannot erase bad habits.  They reside in your brain forever.  The good news is that you can create and practice new, good habits that will eventually supersede the bad ones.

With a lot of determination, practice and a firm commitment to lose weight, your new, good habits will become second nature. The old, horrible habits will remain dormant in the inner recesses of your mind and, hopefully, won’t show themselves too often.

It takes a little creativity and some trial and error to create new habits.  You may not win all of the battles, but you will win the war.

It has taken me a number of years, but I have replaced my horrible habits with healthy habits. As a result, I have lost more than 30 pounds.

Here is an example of a habit I adopted. It works for me, so maybe it can work for you.

Weight-loss tip 46 of 100: SIT OR SPIT.

If you are prowling and starting to binge, spit out the food immediately and start another activity. Make a commitment to only eat in the sitting position for the rest of your life.  If you find food in your mouth for any reason while standing, spit it out!

Practice and adopt this simple habit. It might save you thousands of calories a year.

Unfortunately, your bad habits will never totally go away.  They are always there right below the surface.  So you always have to be vigilant, and there is no doubt that you will mess up occasionally. But now you can recognize your bad habit instead of rationalizing it. Simply start back on the new and improved routine, but never, ever beat yourself up.

I have identified and exchanged approximately 66 bad habits with new good habits. I mess up every once in a while, but I do not beat myself up. I just resume my new good habits.  I have not been on a diet, nor will I ever go on one again. If you get in the habit of only choosing to eat whole foods,  eating very slowly, and in the sitting position, you might cure a number of your bad habits.

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Here are the other steps so far:

  1. Cut your weight loss goal in half.
  2. Weigh yourself every day on a digital scale.
  3. Self-esteem is more important than cookies and cream.
  4. Eat slowly! Eat very slowly!
  5. Eat in the sitting position only.
  6. Record all of your food and exercise daily in a free app like MyFitnessPal.
  7. The net calorie rules period, end of story.
  8. NEVER, ever go on a diet again. Just allow yourself to lose weight.
  9. Observe, learn and practice eating like a naturally thin person..
  10. Always leave food on your plate.
  11. Take a 10-minute daily mental vacation.
  12. Say daily affirmations.
  13. Create Vivid Visualizations.
  14. Have a line in the sand weight you never go over.
  15. If your weight creeps up to your line in the sand weight, COMPENSATE IMMEDIATELY.
  16. It is okay to be mind full or mindful when you eat.  Just eat your food slowly, and do not eat too much.
  17. You and only you are the CEO (Chief Eating Officer) of your own body.
  18. Always be proud and thankful for your miraculous body no matter what the size.
  19. Read Skinny and Debt Free blog posts every week and lose weight and debt permanently.
  20. You can do anything you make up your mind to do!
  21. You have an abundant, unlimited supply of willpower!
  22. Set small, incremental one-pound goals to accomplish.
  23. Reward yourself immediately for reaching each one-pound goal.
  24. Write your own personalized weight loss plan.
  25. Eating less is more important in weight loss, than exercising more.
  26. It takes hard work, commitment and a lot of time to become skinny and debt free for life!!
  27. Drink plenty of water every day, but don’t spend money on bottled water—unless you live in a place with unhealthy water.
  28. Avoid all liquids with calories that cost money. Instead, drink plenty of water.
  29. Eat the first meal of the day when you get hungry.   Do not call it breakfast any more.
  30. The first meal of the day should be whole, healthy and nutritious food of any kind.
  31. Eat more energy-dense foods, like fruits and vegetables, to fill your stomach and help you lose weight.
  32. Be totally honest with yourself if you are serious about losing weight for life.
  33. Multiple failures are to be expected on your way to your goal weight.  Never, ever give up!
  34. Avoid the uncomfortable feeling of fullness forever.
  35. Eat to live and no longer live to eat.
  36. Have a goal of losing 1 pound every 10 days.
  37. Eat like a turtle walks.
  38. Develop a detailed weight loss plan as CEO! (Chief Eating Officer) 
  39. I control food. Food does not control me.
  40. Food is simply fuel for my body.
  41.  I eat what I “need” the most, not what I “want” the most.
  42. Know how many calories you need a day to maintain weight, and eat just a little less.
  43. End yo-yo dieting for good. Decide to lose weight permanently with a lifetime strategy.
  44. Simply think of food as fuel for your body, and you are filling the tank. You are in charge!
  45. Enjoy your journey to your new healthy weight, and keep a sense of humor.
  46. SIT OR SPIT!


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