Cavemen Did Not Eat Breakfast

I am pretty certain that cavemen did not have planned meals.  When they killed something, they just ate it.  It did not matter what time.   Breakfast didn’t exist back in those days.

So, if cavemen survived without breakfast, why can’t we?  

Well, we can definitely survive without breakfast.  Our first meal of the day, or any meal, should only be eaten when we’re hungry.  It is not necessary to eat breakfast if you are not hungry.

I suggest we do not eat just because it’s 7:00 am, 8:00 am, 9:00 am or 10:00 am.  If you are hungry at those times, eat.  If you are not hungry at those times, consider not eating until you get hungry.

Some people might worry that if they don’t eat breakfast, they might be hungry at work in an hour or two.  In that case, it might be a good idea to just take something with you.

What if you are used to eating a hearty breakfast with eggs, bacon, toast and biscuits? I would suggest that you quit eating such a hearty breakfast.  It is not necessary to feel full that early in the morning or after any meal. It might even make you drowsy, and make you want to go back to sleep.

I am not saying to skip any meals if you are actually hungry.  However, I do propose skipping meals if you are not hungry.  What if you do not know how to control your eating if you get too hungry?  This has been a big problem for me throughout most of my adult life. To compensate, I came up with the following technique.

The hungrier I am, the slower I eat.

Believe me, this is not easy, but it can be done with practice.  It took me a lot of practice to master this skill.  I am still not an expert, but I have a pretty good batting average.  This concept saves me a lot of unnecessary calories and pounds.

So, here’s an exercise to practice that will help you avoid overeating when you’re starving:

  1. Do not eat your first meal of the day until you are very hungry and your stomach is growling.  This will probably be between 10:00-12:00 a.m. for most people
  2. The first meal should be between 200-400 calories on a single plate.
  3. Sit down and have a strategic pause for one full minute before you begin eating.  Gauge where you are on your 1-10 hunger/fullness scale.
  4. Take your first small bite.  Concentrate on truly tasting the food and chew it slowly.  Put the fork down.  Do not pick up the fork again for about 15-20 seconds.
  5. Continue eating at this pace for a minimum of 30-45 minutes.
  6. When finished eating gauge where you are on your hunger/fullness scale.

Within 20 minutes, your gnawing hunger will start to subside.  Everyone’s stomach, whether skinny or fat, is the same size.  Also, stomachs can’t tell time.  They are perfectly happy with fruit or vegetables for the very first meal of the day.

Weight loss tip 29Eat the first meal of the day when you get hungry.   Do not call it breakfast any more.

Weight loss tip 30: The first meal of the day should be whole, healthy and nutritious food of any kind.

For example, my first meal of the day is almost always raw vegetables, hummus and salsa.  It is usually about 10:30 a.m.  I never feel hungry afterward.  In about an hour, I eat another little meal usually consisting of protein or a handful of nuts. Give this strategy a try and see what you think.  We are going to get skinny and debt free by making small but healthy changes in our lifestyle!

Here are the other steps so far:

  1. Cut your weight loss goal in half.
  2. Weigh yourself every day on a digital scale.
  3. Self-esteem is more important than cookies and cream.
  4. Eat slowly! Eat very slowly!
  5. Eat in the sitting position only.
  6. Record all of your food and exercise daily in a free app like MyFitnessPal.
  7. The net calorie rules period, end of story.
  8. NEVER, ever go on a diet again. Just allow yourself to lose weight.
  9. Observe, learn and practice eating like a naturally thin person..
  10. Always leave food on your plate.
  11. Take a 10-minute daily mental vacation.
  12. Say daily affirmations.
  13. Create Vivid Visualizations.
  14. Have a line in the sand weight you never go over.
  15. If your weight creeps up to your line in the sand weight, COMPENSATE IMMEDIATELY.
  16. It is okay to be mind fullor mindfulwhen you eat.  Just eat your food slowly, and do not eat too much.
  17. You and only you are the CEO (Chief Eating Officer) of your own body.
  18. Always be proud and thankful for your miraculous body no matter what the size.
  19. Read Skinny and Debt Free blog posts every week and lose weight and debt permanently.
  20. You can do anything you make up your mind to do!
  21. You have an abundant, unlimited supply of willpower!
  22. Set small, incremental one-pound goals to accomplish.
  23. Reward yourself immediately for reaching each one-pound goal.
  24. Write your own personalized weight loss plan.
  25. Eating less is more important in weight loss, than exercising more.
  26. It takes hard work, commitment and a lot of time to become skinny and debt free for life!!
  27. Drink plenty of water every day, but don’t spend money on bottled water—unless you live in a place with unhealthy water.
  28. Avoid all liquids with calories that cost money. Instead, drink plenty of water.
  29. Eat the first meal of the day when you get hungry.   Do not call it breakfast any more.
  30. The first meal of the day should be whole, healthy and nutritious food of any kind.

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