Let’s Make Oprah Skinny

Let's Make Oprah Skinny

Oprah is huge!

She is so huge that anyone reading this blog post knows exactly who I am talking about without mentioning her last name.  She is a self-made billionaire.  She may be more influential than any American president or politician in the history of the United States.

However, even with all of Oprah’s fame, fortune and success, there is still one thing she has not been able to accomplish.



In fact, she has probably spent more money than anyone trying to be thin. Oprah recently purchased 40 million dollars’ worth of Weight Watchers stock, sits on the board, and has become the diet’s spokesperson.

So, what if we could share one “tiny” idea with Oprah that would finally inspire her to be thin?  Do you think she would be interested?  It’s worth a shot, right? 

Meet “Tiny!” (John “Tiny” Likely)

tiny before and after

I truly admire Tiny, and he has become my inspiration and friend.  I believe Tiny has the most amazing weight-loss story of all time!!!

He lost 375 pounds while cooking fried chicken for Zaxby’s every single day for 19 months. Who else in the world could do that? Shockingly, Tiny did not even go on a diet.  He just decided to be healthy.

Visit the blog posts listed below to learn more about Tiny’s weight-loss journey:

I tried to call Oprah to tell her about Tiny, but, unfortunately, she did not return my call. I’m certain that Tiny’s weight-loss story would inspire Oprah just like it inspires me.

Please share this blog post with everyone! We must make Oprah skinny!!!



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