A Whale of a Weight Loss Tip

A Whale of a Weight Loss tipHave you ever been to SeaWorld?  Have you ever seen an 8,000 pound whale leap out of the water and over a bar?

Have you ever wondered how the heck they got the whale to do that?  

The same technique used to teach a whale to leap out of water may shed light on how to stay positive and motivated throughout any weight loss plan.

Let me explain:

Here’s how to teach a whale to jump 10 feet out of water:

  1. Put one hungry whale in a very deep pool.
  2. Buy a few tons of fish to reward the whale.
  3. Find a bar so you can teach the whale to go over it.
  4. Show the whale the fish and the bar (A.K.A. The reward and goal).
  5. The first time place the bar 20 feet under the whale so the whale can easily swim over it.
  6. Immediately feed the whale five fish for completing the first task successfully.
  7. The whale will feel very proud and might even smile.
  8. Raise the bar just a few inches each day.
  9. Keep feeding the whale lots of fish each time he successfully goes over the bar.
  10. Before you know it, the whale will be leaping 10 feet out of the water and over the bar.
  11. Now that the whale’s self-esteem is sky high, it’s time for show time at SeaWorld!

Weight Loss Tip 22 of 100: Set small, incremental one-pound goals to accomplish.

Reaching small, incremental goals will motivate you to keep going. Aim to lose one pound at a time, so that you will be able to reach that goal and keep moving toward your next goal.

Weight Loss Tip 23 of 100: Reward yourself immediately for reaching each one-pound goal.

Break your big weight loss goal into small, accomplishable goals.  Be patient with yourself and never get discouraged.  This concept also works for losing debt.

Here are our other steps so far:

  1. Cut your weight loss goal in half.
  2. Weigh yourself every day on a digital scale.
  3. Self-esteem is more important than cookies and cream.
  4. Eat slowly! Eat very slowly!
  5. Eat in the sitting position only.
  6. Record all of your food and exercise daily in a free app like MyFitnessPal.
  7. The net calorie rules period, end of story.
  8. NEVER, ever go on a diet again. Just allow yourself to lose weight.
  9. Observe, learn and practice eating like a naturally thin person..
  10. Always leave food on your plate.
  11. Take a 10-minute daily mental vacation.
  12. Say daily affirmations.
  13. Create Vivid Visualizations.
  14. Have a line in the sand weight you never go over.
  15. If your weight creeps up to your line in the sand weight, COMPENSATE IMMEDIATELY.
  16. It is okay to be mind full or mindful when you eat.  Just eat your food slowly, and do not eat too much.
  17. You and only you are the CEO (Chief Eating Officer) of your own body.
  18. Always be proud and thankful for your miraculous body no matter what the size.
  19. Read Skinny and Debt Free blog posts every week and lose weight and debt permanently.
  20. You can do anything you make up your mind to do!
  21. You have an abundant, unlimited supply of willpower!
  22. Set small, incremental one-pound goals to accomplish.
  23. Reward yourself immediately for reaching each one-pound goal.

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Martin Sher, Co-CEO of AmSher Compassionate Collections® is on a mission to help 5 million people lose weight and be debt free. 

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