How Not to Gain Five Pounds During the Most Fattening 10 Days of the Year

Santa Claus slippers on weight scalesThroughout the next 10 days, you will be face-to-face with some of the most delicious and fattening food of 2015.

A Christmas party or two, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day all fall within these 10 days.  Here are two tips that will help you not gain five pounds.

Weight loss idea 4 of 100: Eat slooooowlyyy, eat very, very slooooowwwwly.

At every meal, try stretching your generous but not huge portion of food out as long as you possibly can.

Be the last one to finish your food.  Enjoy and savor every single bite. Talk, laugh and enjoy everyone’s company.

After 20 minutes of eating you will begin to feel satiated.  Try to be only halfway through your meal at the 20 minute point.

Take joy in seeing everyone else eating seconds except you. If you take a really long time to eat you will, not even be hungry for seconds.  The best part though is you will not have stuffed yourself.

Weight loss idea 5 of 100: Eat in the sitting position only.

If there are hor d’oeuvres, candy bowls, cookies, finger foods, nuts, chips, etc, do not put any of it in your mouth unless you sit down and put it on a plate.  Or, do not eat them at all so you can save your appetite for the meal.

If you end up not being totally successful with these two tips during this festive holiday season, simply make them number one and two for your New Year’s resolutions.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!!

Here are our first five steps so far:

  1. Cut your weight loss goal in half.
  2. Weigh yourself every day on a digital scale.
  3. Self Esteem is more important than cookies and cream.
  4. Eat slooooowllyyy, eat very, very slooooowwwwly.
  5. Eat in the sitting position only.

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