Thanksgiving Blessings Every Day from Skinny and Debt Free

What if we were thankful every single day of the year?  We are surrounded by God and nature, family and friends, conveniences and opportunity.  Being thankful will make us feel better and make us happier.  I suggest taking three minutes every day to keep a journal of the things you are thankful for.

Here is a list of just 100 of the 100s of things I have written in my journal that I am thankful for over the last four years.

I am thankful for:

  1. Having all of my body parts.
  2. Having a good mind.
  3. Having the same wife and best friend for 41 years.
  4. Having a business partner for 41 years.
  5. Being able to enjoy the combined total of almost 100 years of my three children’s lives.
  6. The good health of me and my family.
  7. Living in America and in Birmingham.
  8. Having loving and caring parents who gave me my value system.
  9. Getting a great education at Crestline Elementary, Mountain Brook Junior High, Mountain Brook High School, the University of Florida and the University of Alabama.
  10. Keeping a 75 year old family business going.
  11. Being able to afford to give to charity.
  12. Being able to practice my religion freely.
  13. Receiving and giving compassion.
  14. Having great friends in childhood, school, college, as an adult and throughout my business career.
  15. Being in business for myself and being able to spend time how I want.
  16. Having a wonderful extended family of all good people for my entire life…uncles, aunts, great aunts and uncles, grandparents, in-laws, cousins, nephews, nieces, great nephews and great nieces.
  17. Being able to travel around the U.S. and outside the U.S.
  18. Having clothes, shelter, a car and other material goods.
  19. The stars at night.
  20. A beautiful sunny fall day when the trees are changing color.
  21. Being able to play and enjoy sports all of my life.
  22. Being an Alabama football fan and enjoying watching my team play.
  23. The smell of delicious food, especially fried chicken.
  24. Being at the beach, listening to the ocean and watching a sunset.
  25. Coaching my kids when they played sports.
  26. Playing and listening to music of all kinds.
  27. Watching television.
  28. Having an iPhone.
  29. Having a computer and access to all of the information in the world.
  30. Comedians and comedy of any kind and the ability to appreciate a sense of humor.
  31. Art and creativity of any kind.
  32. Being able to write and speak
  33. Writing the Collector Pledge which helped the behavior of my industry
  34. Learning a good work ethic from my parents
  35. Going to my 40th high school reunion and reconnecting with my classmates
  36. Listening to rain on a roof
  37. Good stories and good story tellers
  38. Reading books
  39. A full moon on a clear night
  40. The magnificence of the Universe
  41. My teachers, coaches and business mentors
  42. Going to camp as a child
  43. Being a part of a symphony as a violinist
  44. Teaching myself how to play the guitar
  45. Billy on the Street
  46. Larry David and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
  47. Indoor plumbing
  48. People who collect my garbage
  49. Anyone and everyone in the military that has protected my freedom
  50. Riding a bicycle through a park
  51. The great world class hospitals in my hometown
  52. Life insurance, health insurance, car and homeowners insurance
  53. Owning and living in a home for 30 years
  54. Electricity
  55. Ambulances and ambulance drivers
  56. Policemen and firemen
  57. Never being in a bad car accident
  58. Coordination
  59. Making a long putt
  60. Trees that give me shade
  61. Being able to write this blog that fills a passion of mine
  62. Emergency rooms and emergency room doctors
  63. Good highways and bridges
  64. Time to exercise every day
  65. People who cut my hair
  66. Massages
  67. Playing games with my family members
  68. Air conditioning in Alabama in July
  69. Walking in the snow
  70. Leaning anything new and interesting
  71. Airports, airplanes, buses and trains
  72. Listening to an inspiring speaker
  73. Speaking to a group and watching them enjoy something I said
  74. Passion for the things I have a passion for
  75. Being proud of my children as they were growing up
  76. The opportunity to get up every day and be productive
  77. Being able to have my own relationship with God
  78. Heroes in life who do amazing things
  79. Inspirational sports movies like Rudy and Field of Dreams
  80. Losing 20 pounds on the Skinny and Debt Free Compassion Plan
  81. Being able to help thousands of people improve or reestablish their credit
  82. Being chosen as a leader of organizations I am passionate about
  83. Holocaust survivors
  84. Immigrants to America who have worked hard and lived the American Dream
  85. Honest politicians
  86. The American court system
  87. A strong military
  88. Israel and other democracies in the world
  89. The chance to meet people I do not know
  90. All of the employees and colleagues I have worked with
  91. Birds, fish and animals
  92. Being able to pray in my place of worship while others are able to pray in their place of worship
  93. Progress in cures for any diseases
  94. 64 years of life and health
  95. Hearing someone with a great laugh like my grandmother, Honey
  96. People with pride, honor and ethics
  97. Doctors and nurses
  98. People in hospices who give people comfort and dignity
  99. The innocence of children
  100. The opportunity to be thankful every day of my life

    I am especially thankful for all of those that help me with and follow Skinny and Debt Free. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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