Love and Appreciate Your Body this Thanksgiving

alvin-lawAbout five years ago, I had lunch with one of the most amazing people I have ever met.  I was at the National Speakers Association convention and was fortunate to sit next to a great guy named Alvin Law.  He was born with no arms. 

I was thoroughly enjoying our visit at lunch when they served us our first course.  It was a bowl of delicious, steaming hot artichoke soup.  I was wondering if and how he would be able to eat the soup.  What happened next was one of the most amazing and motivational things I have ever witnessed.

Alvin, without taking a break from the conversation, unobtrusively slipped his right foot out of his shoe, picked up his soup spoon with his toes, and delicately took his first taste of soup.  He put the spoon down, and we continued our conversation.  He continued to eat his soup and the rest of his meal with his right foot.

I have been very blessed during my 64 years of life with a healthy body and mind.  There have been a few issues to deal with, but I have absolutely nothing to complain about and much to be thankful for.

Having been active in sports all of my life I have had sore muscles, a broken collar bone, two broken ankles, a ruptured Achilles tendon, a torn rotator cuff, a pinched nerve in my back, four broken toes and a few other minor injuries.  From all of that I have a little arthritis. (Big deal.) I have also had a dozen or two viruses, colds, the flu, measles, chicken pox, diarrhea, a burned finger, pneumonia and probably a few things I can’t remember because of my aging mind and occasional forgetfulness.  I have been in good moods, bad moods, felt a little blue, anxious, stressed and upset.  But I have had moments where I have felt ecstatic.

Of course, these minor complaints pale in comparison to being born with no arms. But our bodies are amazing, and even Alvin’s body was able to adapt so that he could live an overall normal life. While most of us do have arms, some might be too fat and some might be too skinny.  But isn’t it amazing how all the different parts of the body work at the same time, and how they all work so well together?

This Thanksgiving, let’s take a moment and be thankful for our magnificent and beautiful bodies.  And if you happen to have a bowl of soup as a part of your Thanksgiving lunch, be sure and think of Alvin. Be thankful for your body as well as all of your other blessings in life.

Happy Thanksgiving from Skinny and Debt Free.

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