How to Eat a Whole Bag of Halloween Candy and Not Gain Weight

halloween candy2When I was a kid, every Halloween was a free-for-all when I literally ate myself sick by overindulging on candy. Even as an adult, this urge to overindulge at Halloween is sometimes still there.

But what if I told you I have a fun Halloween idea that will make everyone in your family happy? This idea will teach your children valuable lessons about moderation and charity, help families that are less fortunate AND save money.

If you’re interested, here’s the 10-step plan:

  1. Get the kids involved from the start, and tell them you need their help picking out the Halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters this year.
  2. Take them to a store of your choice that carries a wide variety of candy and treats.
  3. Let them pick out an assortment of their favorite candies. There is one rule though: no single item can have over 100 calories. This infographic shows some great options.
  4. Before leaving home on Halloween night, let your children eat a piece or two of their favorite candy that they chose at the store. This should be exciting and the first pieces of candy that go into their trick-or-treat bag. After those first bites, they have to agree that they won’t eat any other sweets until they get home that night.
  5. Take them trick-or-treating, and hopefully they come home with a huge stash.
  6. As soon as you get home, sort the candy into two stacks. The first stack will be the candy they do not like and would be willing to give away to a needy child. The second stack should be the candy they do like and what was leftover at home.
  7. Let them go ahead and eat some of the candy before they go to bed. How much is up to you, but I would make sure they are plenty happy that night. They are kids, you know.
  8. The next day take all of the candy they do not like to a charity that will distribute it to less fortunate kids. Make sure your kids come with you to reinforce the good deed they are accomplishing.
  9. Back home, put their favorite candies into individual packages of one, two or three pieces. I suggest keeping the total calorie count in each package to 100-125, maximum.
  10. Put the individual packages of sweets in a big box or bag and store them out of sight in a cabinet, pantry or closet. Allow your kids to have one individual package a day, or in accordance with whatever your rule is on daily sweets consumption.

Not only will this Halloween plan save calories, it can actually save you money too. With a special treat each day to look forward to, you can end impulse begging for sweets in the checkout line.

Hopefully this idea will teach your kids valuable lessons, such as how to eat food and sweets in moderation and how to be charitable. It should also save the family money and keep Mommy and Daddy from overindulging also.

Speaking of the adults, I recommend allowing yourself up to 100 calories of a sweet taste as the last food you put in your mouth every day. Of course it needs to fit into your daily overall goal. It will make you happy and signal finality for the day.

Have a happy Halloween, and I hope I haven’t frightened you with this idea.

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