Fried Chicken Cook Loses 336 Pounds Frying Chicken

martin and tinyJohn “Tiny” Likely is the superhero of weight loss success stories. At eight years old he weighed 200 pounds and was not allowed to play peewee football because he was above the 175 pound weight limit. At 31 years old, Tiny saw 575 pounds when he stepped onto a  junkyard scale. This was the only scale he could find that was big enough to weigh him. At one point, he was so obese that he could only sleep sitting up.

Nineteen months ago, Tiny got a job at Zaxby’s in his hometown of Andalusia, Alabama. If a morbidly obese man working at a fast food restaurant sounds like it might be difficult, you would be right. While Tiny was very thankful and appreciative of his job, it wasn’t easy for him because of his weight.

Due to his job and other factors, Tiny knew it was time to get serious and change his life. If he didn’t, he knew he would probably die. Both Tiny’s mother and father had passed away by the time he was nine years old. His 19 brothers and sisters fed him, comforted him and raised him. They did an incredible job raising Tiny and helped give him the confidence he would later need to change his life.

Imagine yourself weighing 575 pounds and having to smell and handle fried chicken all day every single day. How many people could lose 336 pounds in that situation? Tiny did! And he did it the right way by eating healthy, nutritious food and exercising.

After meeting Tiny and spending just two short hours with him, I realized he was a special, loving and caring person who wasdestined to help thousands of people lose millions of pounds. Tiny and I share a passion for helping people lose weight. I encourage you to visit Tiny’s website at

Please share any weight loss stories or struggles you might have by emailing me at, or commenting on this blog post.

Stay tuned!  We will share some unique weight loss ideas and food saving tips from Tiny on Skinny and Debt Free in upcoming blog posts!

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