Choose Whole Foods Not Hole Foods

whole foods not holeHole foods are things like doughnuts, bagels, Cheerios, and macaroni. They have HOLES in them. They are not part of nature. They are made and processed. You never see a doughnut tree in the forest or a macaroni plant in someone’s garden.

Unlike hole foods, WHOLE foods are foods in their natural state. Whole foods come from nature. If you are serious about losing a few pounds, substituting a few more WHOLE, healthy, nutritious foods into your daily diet would be an effective first step. 

I would start with vegetables. Vegetables are delicious, nutritious, and a miracle food. There are no bad vegetables unless you count French fries.

5 tips to add vegetables into your daily diet:

  1. Google vegetables and learn more about them. There are many varieties of vegetables to choose from and many different ways to prepare and substitute vegetables into the dishes you make at home.
  2. Experiment with a featured weekly vegetable. Every Saturday, for eight Saturdays, go to the grocery store or farmers market. Pick out one vegetable that will be your featured vegetable that week. The first week or two, start off with a vegetable you already like. Over the next few weeks, try things you have rarely or never tried. Buy enough of that vegetable so you can use it two times during the week, preparing two different ways. Your goal is to find ones you like and work them into your life.
  3. Consider eating vegetables and/or fruits for breakfast every once in a while. Your stomach will not know the difference, I promise.  It could be leftover salad or a vegetable side dish from last night’s dinner. I have been starting the day with a little celery or other raw vegetable, plus a little protein for a number of years.  It works great for me. Just something to consider.
  4. Eat raw vegetables as a hunger-killer before dinner. To go with your vegetables, you could add a dip like salsa, hummus, or something similar that won’t push you through your calorie goal for the day. It will definitely put a dent in your appetite, and add some healthy nutrition to your day.
  5. On Saturday, clean out your leftover vegetables from the week and make a batch of soup. This batch of soup can be your safety net for the following week. It might save you from eating potato chips, French fries, or other fattening foods. Hot vegetable soup can be a meal or can help kill hunger before a meal.

I do not know of anyone who has ever gotten fat by eating more peas and carrots or more beans and greens. Successful long term weight loss should be accomplished slowly and methodically and can be done with some small incremental improvements in your daily life. Experiment with a new vegetable or two, and simply make a healthy substitution here or there. That might be all you need to do to become skinny and debt free.

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