You Will Lose and Gain About 13 Tons of Weight in Your Lifetime

scaleIf you weigh every day, you significantly increase your chances of being successful in losing and maintaining a healthy weight for life. But it’s important to realize that weight fluctuates up and down on a regular basis. So don’t panic when it goes up. It is very rare to weigh the same weight on 2 consecutive days. This goes for anyone, whether you are tall or short or thin or overweight.  Do not let the daily changes on the scale rule your mood, confidence, or determination.

 Here are 4 things you can do to not get discouraged when your daily weight goes up:

  1. Calculate and record your 10-day running average weight. It should trend downward and not be as erratic as your daily weight. Think of your 10-day running average weight as your actual weight.
  2. Realize that the most successful dieters gain between .2 to 2+ pounds on the scale on 40% of the days they are successfully accomplishing their weight loss goals. So, 150 days a year expect a daily gain. This is normal and should be expected.
  3. Talk positively to yourself.  You are determined and committed. You have accomplished a lot.  Be your own biggest fan!
  4. When you have three consecutive days of weight gain you should compensate immediately.  Simply cut down your calories 5-10% and/or increase your exercise 5-10%.

Losing weight is simple math.  Use an app like myfitnesspal and record your food, calories, and exercise.  There should be no surprises when your weight and net calories are trending upward.  Simply adjust.

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Martin Sher, Co-CEO of AmSher Compassionate Collections® is on a mission to help 5 million people lose weight and be debt free. 

Martin is past president of ACA International, and author of the Collector’s Pledge — hundreds of thousands of collectors all over the world have signed this unique document committing to treat people with dignity and respect.

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