Weight Loss Compliments are Better than Food (and I Love Food)

thank youIf you are reading this blog you’ve probably lost some weight at one time or another. So, you might have had a compliment on your weight loss already.  Personally, I do not believe there is any such thing as a rude or insulting weight loss compliment.  They’re all good. I am going to give you 5 suggestions on how to get the most enjoyment and mileage out of a single weight loss compliment.

5 Suggestions:

  1. Listen carefully to the compliment. Every word. Listen out for the compliment.  You sure don’t want to miss out on this well- deserved praise for your accomplishment!
  1. Give them a smile and simply say “thank you very much”. That is all you need to say or do. Even if they say something like “you look better without that extra chin” or “you do not look half as wide as you used to look”. I believe 99.9% of weight loss compliments are well-intentioned and sometimes just plain honest. You might really look better with one less chin. Accept the compliment graciously. A successful experience would be one where the person offering the compliment, feels as good as you do.
  1. Unashamedly soak it in, and wallow in it. What better recognition can you have than a simple, well-intentioned compliment? You are working hard, sacrificing, and moving towards your goal. You deserve it!
  1. Journal the compliment when you get home in your success journal. I suggest a page of compliments where you number, date, put what is said, what your weight was at the time of the compliment, and a little about how it made you feel. (There is no benefit in being upset about how the compliment was delivered.)
  1. Uplift 3 people every day: Give 3 people a complement or a kind word every day.Lose weight and get out of debt. 

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