How I Lost Ten pounds in Two Weeks by Not Exercising

back problemsI made one of the most shocking discoveries of my adult life.  Two weeks ago, I developed a pinched nerve in my back and had to stop exercising.  I have worked out approximately 90 minutes a day/7 days a week for the last 40 years. I am by no means thin, but exercise has helped me maintain my weight and health effectively.

Here is how it all happened:

I reduced my daily calories from about 2200 to 1500. That is the only change I made in my daily routine besides no exercise.

Here are my results: 

  1. I lost 10 pounds in 14 days.
  2. Even though I ate fewer calories, my hunger level was less.
  3. Some nagging injuries have gone away.
  4. I have added 2 hours to my day.

So, I guess you are wondering by now if I am going to resume my exercise routine after my pinched nerve heals.  The answer is yes, absolutely.  There are many benefits to exercise, and I think it is critical to maintaining health and physical and mental fitness.

I would suggest to people who exercise obsessively, and still have some weight to lose, to take a week or two off every once in a while, and simply reduce calories.  You might be surprised at the results.

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2 Responses to How I Lost Ten pounds in Two Weeks by Not Exercising

  1. Pete Champion says:

    Congrats. Hopefully your nerve will stay pinched for a few more pounds.

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