Stop the Madness! How to Quit Dieting Once and For All…

stopStop the madness!  How to quit dieting once and for all.

8 years ago, I quit dieting for good! After reading dozens of diet books, and trying a number of diets, I decided to stop the madness.

Instead, I wrote my own lifetime eating plan.  I have lost 16 pounds in 8 years.  I am averaging losing about 2 pounds a year and keeping every pound off.  I have simply changed a few of my habits and behaviors.

Here are 10 things I have learned that you might want to consider:

  1. All diets work, and there is a common thread between every one of them. They are all based on eating a few less calories.
  2. So, pick your favorite diet or pick your top 10 favorite diets. Use a different one every week if you like. Or pick your favorite ideas from all of them, and write your own diet book.
  3. If you feel bad when you cheat on a diet, then simply quit dieting.  It is impossible to cheat on a diet, if you are not on a diet in the first place.
  4. Any lifetime plan that will work for you has to include some exercise. There is no way around it.  For example, walking is free and can be done every day. So walk!
  5. You must keep a journal and keep score of calories, exercise, and weight. There are many apps such as myfitnesspal that work great.  Once you have changed habits and behavior, you can discontinue or just use every once in a while.
  6. You would have to eat a ridiculous amount of food in one day to gain a pound. Most people are not capable of eating that amount of food.  So, when you weigh daily and gain a couple of pounds, it is mainly water weight.  Keep up with your 7 day average weight as your actual weight. It is more accurate, and a better indication of how you are doing.
  7. Eat slowly and in the sitting position only.
  8. Understand your personal hunger and satiety levels. Eat when hungry, and stop eating when comfortably satiated, but way before the feeling of fullness.
  9. You never have to diet again if you learn to compensate immediately. If you eat too much at one meal, eat less at the very next meal.  If you eat too much for a whole day, compensate immediately by eating less the next 2 days.
  10. Have a line-in-the-sand weight that you never go over. It should be constantly reset at 3 pounds over your lowest weight you have achieved.

If I can slowly and gradually keep off weight, then you can too!  I have written my own plan called the Skinny and Debt Free Compassion Plan.  It is not a diet; it is a lifetime plan to lose pounds and to lose debt, slowly.     

Martin Sher, Co-CEO of AmSher Collection Agency and a past president of ACA International, is the author of the Collector’s Pledge. Hundreds of thousands of collectors all over the world have signed this unique document committing to treat people with dignity and respect. AmSher is known as the collection agency that collects with compassion.

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