Popeye the Sailor Man Turns 80 and Reveals His 3 Secrets to Being Skinny and Debt Free

popeye the sailor picIt’s very hard to believe, but Popeye the Sailor Man recently turned 80 years old.  He is skinny and debt-free, and attributes his success to the Skinny and Debt Free Compassion plan. Popeye, in an effort to help children of all ages, around the world, gives a one time, exclusive interview to Skinny and Debt Free beat writer, Martin Sher. Here are the actual transcripts of the interview with Popeye the Sailor Man.

Martin: Popeye, it does not look like you have aged at all over the last 80 years, what is your secret?

Popeye:  “I yam what I yam!” I SELECT whole, healthy, nutritious foods, such as yams 2 or 3 times a week.  I think you probably call them Sweet Potatoes. I eat them with my spinach. Either way, they are inexpensive, healthy, and make me feel strong. I never married, so I do all the cooking myself.  It’s easy, fun, and you would be amazed at how much money you can save on food.  I applied the savings on food to debt and that is how I became skinny and debt free.

Martin: You never married?  What about Olive Oil?  Did Bluto end up marrying Olive Oil?

Popeye:  No, Bluto and me both got tired of fighting and became best friends. He noticed I was eating spinach and yams and other whole foods, saving money on groceries, and becoming skinny and debt free. Olive Oil never married either one of us, but we all 3 remained friends.  Eventually we opened a business and became business partners.

Martin: You all became business partners?  Where did you get the money to start and run a business?

Popeye: Over time I paid off the debt and just kept saving, from accumulated food savings.  Let me go a little further, by adopting the skinny and debt free lifestyle, there are actually 18 different principles and 100’s of ideas that will be shared on the skinny and debt free blog, but it really is very simple.

You eat at home more often, cook healthy foods, eat slowly, savor and enjoy food more, stop eating at satiety rather than fullness, and enjoy 100 calories of a sweet taste every day if you like. Once you have your sweet taste, you stop eating for the day and write down everything you ate or put it in to the fitness pal app.

You can eat anything you want, but the NET CALORIES RULE!  You will save money on food, and because of better nutrition and losing weight, you will save thousands of dollars on medical bills as well. You use that savings to pay off debt, and then have the money to save for retirement or starting a business if you like.  That’s what we did.

Martin: What kind of business did you start?

Popeye: Manufacturing and distributing Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Martin: Sorry I asked.  So Popeye, what are the 3 secrets that you want to share to help people become skinny and debt free?


  1. Be compassionate. Do something kind for yourself and someone else every single day. It will make you feel good about yourself by caring about others.
  2. Begin to SELECT healthy nutritious whole foods like yams and spinach. Try 1 new vegetable every week.  Prepare it different ways.  (You can even use extra virgin olive oil sparingly. A couple of tablespoons of EVOO a day makes vegetables taste a little better and have proven health benefits.) Fresh vegetables are cheaper and much better for your health than a large order of fries from McDonalds.
  3. In order to be skinny and debt free “You must fight to the finish, by eating your spinach, like Popeye the Sailor Man” (toot toot).

Popeye’s Skinny and Debt Free Comparison: ($ and calories)

Cost: One large Sweet Potato (yams) and sautéed spinach…$1.00

Cost: Quarter pounder with cheese and larger order fries…. $6.00

Savings one meal……………………………. $5.00

Make this substitution 2 times a week and save over $500.00 a year. This one substitution would also save you 1,600 calories a week and result in a weight loss of 23 pounds a year.

Martin Sher, Co-CEO of AmSher Collection Agency and a past president of ACA International, is the author of the Collector’s Pledge. Hundreds of thousands of collectors all over the world have signed this unique document committing to treat people with dignity and respect. AmSher is known as the collection agency that collects with compassion.

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