You Can Be Both Skinny and Debt Free by Eating Your Way Out of Debt IF… You Follow These 4 Steps

woman eating moneyDid you know you can be skinny and debt free by eating your way out of debt, if you follow 4 steps?

1.  If you are willing to be self-compassionate. You must be willing to treat yourself with kindness and compassion and make time for improving your physical and fiscal health. Self-compassion, and compassion to others, will be required to be successful. On this plan, I will teach how to take a free, all expense paid vacation every single day for 10 minutes.

 2. If you are/or are very close to living within your means. The median family income in the US is approximately $50,000 a year.  The median family spends approximately 16% of their income on food, roughly $8,000 a year.  If you’re currently living within your means, or are very close to doing so, then you’ll learn to eat much healthier, lose weight, save a couple of thousand dollars a year, and bring your debt down to zero over time.(Thus, eating your way out of debt.) If you’re not close to living within your means, the diet part will still work for you. You probably won’t be able to get out of debt with food savings alone. You might need to save in additional areas of your life.

3. If you’re willing to slowly and methodically change your habits. It’s fairly obvious that if you’re not skinny and debt free, but want to be, some changes need to be made.  The good news is we’re going to make small incremental changes over time. Changes you can literally live with for a lifetime. This plan teaches you to “Eat to Live” rather than “Live to Eat.” One prime example would be developing the art of eating slowly and enjoying food more. This is one of the more important parts of the plan.  When you eat slower, you eat less food and become satiated at approximately 20 minutes.  So, if you’re only half way through with your food at 20 minutes, you are going to eat less and avoid that horrible feeling of fullness.  You’ll also learn to stop eating before you are full by using a myriad of food diversion techniques when you get to Satiety 66, as I like to call it.

4. If you’re willing to be a failure and a loser at the same time.The one thing we all have in common is that we have failed at losing weight and/or debt many, many times. This plan is largely based on making a success out of your multiple failures over time. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true. I will teach you how to chart your failure day weights over time until you reach your goal weight. You will be both a failure and a loser, but be skinny and debt free at the same time.  I have personally failed at losing weight dozens of times, and I bet you have also.   Well, the skinny and debt free compassion plan changes this paradigm completely.  Be a failure, and become a loser….Of WEIGHT THAT IS!

If you just follow these 4 steps, you will be skinny and debt free in no time!

Martin Sher, Co-CEO of AmSher Collection Agency and a past president of ACA International, is the author of the Collector’s Pledge. Hundreds of thousands of collectors all over the world have signed this unique document committing to treat people with dignity and respect. AmSher is known as the collection agency that collects with compassion.

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