The Link Between Debt and Obesity

piggybankDebt and obesity are both on a steady rise across the United States. Is there a connection between the two? How similar are the urges to eat and spend excessively? The impulses are strikingly similar. People who are in debt are twice as likely to be overweight.

In order to do something you know you shouldn’t, you have to override the part of your brain that knows what is best. Obesity, like debt, is harmful to your health and quality of life. You know you shouldn’t spend money you don’t have or overeat but you still grab that extra cupcake or that new handbag.

The problem goes back to humans basic instincts and a growing culture obsessed with instant gratification. Consequences of obesity and debt do not immediately impact your life. Debt slowly eats at your funds. Obesity slowly worsens your health. Sometimes the effects aren’t noticeable until months after the problem begins.

When the realization hits that you have a problem, fixing the situation can seem impossible. To effectively climb out of the hole, you need to start with small, attainable goals. Stop eating fast food and you immediately get rid of massive amounts of calories and spending.

The similarity is striking. Don’t continue to ignore that part of your brain that tells you to stop spending and eating. Take small steps to overcome your urges and keep the long-term goal in site.

Martin and David Sher are Co-CEO of AmSher Debt Collection Agency.  Martin, a past president of ACA International, is the author of the Collector’s Pledge—signed by hundreds of thousands of collectors all over the world committing to treat people with dignity and respect.  David’s past president of the International Association of Commercials Collectors, and with his brother, authored the book, How to collect debts and still keep your customers.

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