How to Find Great Deals at Your Local Gourmet Supermarket

grocery storeI’m sure there are many supermarkets that specialize in natural and organic foods. Today we’re going to focus on three specific stores. These are large chain gourmet supermarkets specializing in natural and organic foods. Many people would think that this would be the last place to find a good deal, but that isn’t the case.

Earth Fare offers many ways to get good deals in their stores, including:

  • The Earth Fare APP can be downloaded directly to your smartphone. It’s completely FREE, and you’re able to get deals straight to your phone.
  • They also have a tomato bank program, which is basically a rewards program. The more money you spend, the more points you get; points equal money to be used in the store towards your purchase.
  • There’s a monthly flyer usually with about $200 in savings on the items featured.  There’s also a coupon book that you can print from or pick up when you come into the store.
  • Lastly, they feature a “real low” list. All the items featured on this list have real low everyday prices at your local store. To find out more on Earth Fare’s savings and coupon policies visit .

Whole Foods, like Earth Fare has many policies in place to encourage healthy eating on a budget. Their program is called “The Whole Deal”. With this program they give customers money saving tips and values for in store and online purchases.

  • First, the Whole Deal is a value guide for in store and online purchases.
  • They also offer coupons online, clipable/printable to use.
  • They include a meal planner and budget –friendly recipes so customers have a guide and offer money saving tips like: 5 tips for making the most of melons, and 6 tips for making coffee good to the last drop.

To find out more on Whole Food’s savings and coupon policies visit .

As you can see many healthy grocery stores have great, budget friendly options. Fresh Market is the last of the examples. Like the other two, it’s considered a gourmet supermarket.

  • They offer weekly specials that change day to day and vary by location.
  • In addition to the weekly specials, they offer the Inspirations Newsletter, a monthly newsletter with monthly specials so people can plan ahead and only purchase needed items. It’s available at the front of the store or online.
  • $2.99 Tuesdays, Thursday Little Big Meal, and Weekend Deals are deals that not many shoppers are aware of.
  • $2.99 Tuesdays is a list of food you can purchase for $2.99/lbs like ground chuck or chicken breast, but also includes items like gelato and bagged salad (2 for $2.99).
  • Thursday Little Big Meals is a program where you choose from the options given. For example, if you were making pizza, you could choose the meat, the cheese, and the sauce and you would get all the items for $20. The catch is that you have to buy all the items together to get the savings, but it will easily feed a family of four so not a bad offer.
  • Last are the weekend deals. Currently it’s $6.99 Saturday featuring  Salmon Filets for $6.99/lb , Greek yogurt tub (2/$6.99) and so much more. To find out more about Fresh Markets specials for a budget friendly shopping experience visit .

As you have probably read in multiple previous posts, if you stick to the list and plan ahead your grocery shopping experience will be a cost effective and pleasant experience.

Martin and David Sher are Co-CEO of AmSher Debt Collection Agency.  Martin, a past president of ACA International, is the author of the Collector’s Pledge—signed by hundreds of thousands of collectors all over the world committing to treat people with dignity and respect.  David’s past president of the International Association of Commercials Collectors, and with his brother, authored the book, How to collect debts and still keep your customers.


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