Will Yourself Out of Debt and Obesity

486898491Why do most diets fail? Why can’t people seem to get out of debt? More often than not it boils down to the same problem. Willpower and self-discipline. Accountability always falls to one person and that person is you. It’s not easy. If it were no one would be overweight and all bills would be paid on time. Read these tips to keep your willpower strong and build upon your success.

  • Don’t wait for something bad to happen – Many people don’t make a life change unless they are faced with a tragedy. The sooner you get started the better. Ignoring the problem is digging a deeper hole and you will eventually have to crawl out.
  • Take it slow – You can’t eliminate the problem all at once. It will take months or years to make a positive change. Start small. Begin with a walking regimen and slowly reduce portion sizes. Make any payments you can to help eliminate debt. Focus on one bill and work to chip away until it’s gone.
  • Give yourself a break – Completely eliminating unhealthy foods will drive you insane. Cheat days are an absolute must to maintain motivation. The same goes for spending. Don’t go overboard and buy a yacht but it’s important to reward yourself after significant financial achievements.
  • Document milestones – Always keep track of progress. Take pictures along your weight loss journey. It’s easier to continue working hard when you can see progress. Each bill you eliminate will fuel you to tackle the next debt obstacle.

It all comes back to willpower and motivation. Always keep your eye on the long term goal while celebrating your success. Breaking challenges down into small, digestible parts keeps debt mountains and obesity from becoming overwhelming. How do you stay motivated? Share your successes below!

Martin and David Sher are Co-CEO of AmSher Debt Collection Agency.  Martin, a past president of ACA International, is the author of the Collector’s Pledge—signed by hundreds of thousands of collectors all over the world committing to treat people with dignity and respect.  David’s past president of the International Association of Commercials Collectors, and with his brother, authored the book, How to collect debts and still keep your customers.

AmSher is a unique debt collection agency who puts debtors first.  AmSher is all about Compassionate Collections®.

Skinny and Debt Free—because who doesn’t want to be? 


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