What Grocery Stores are Not Telling You

Skinny and Debt FreeIt’s unavoidable. If you want to continue breathing you have to eat. In order to eat, you have to buy groceries. Everyone knows not to go grocery shopping hungry but there are a few more variables you should consider. Here are a few pro tips on getting the best value from your local supermarket.

  • Read carefully- Some stores will place sale signs between two items to confuse you. Ask your cashier to verify the price of an item before you assume it’s on sale.
  • Understand your deals-A buy one, get one half off deal is not a great value. That’s really only a 25% discount. Be patient. Almost every item gets a 50% discount at some point. Some people assume that items on display are on sale. This is not always the case. Many times a manufacturer paid for the display to introduce a new product.
  • If you buy it, you will consume it- Soda companies are slowly making 12 packs the industry standard packaging size. If you only drink a six pack of soda a week, don’t buy the twelve packs. You are more likely to drink all twelve sodas if you have them in your house. Just think about the useless calories you are consuming.  Let’s do the math. 6 sodas a week at 150 calories a soda adds up to 900 extra calories every week. That’s 46,800 calories a year. Think about the havoc that would wreak on your waist line.
  • They want you to linger-Have you ever stopped and listened to the music in the supermarket? The beat is slower than the natural rhythm of the human heart. This is no accident. The music slows down your natural walking pace. Wear head phones with upbeat music to avoid this forced slow down.
  • Shake off your produce-Stores have produce misters to give the appearance of fresh, moist vegetables. This can actually increase the rate of decay and adds weight when you check out.
  • Milk is cheaper elsewhere-Grocery stores rarely have the best price on milk. Drug stores and convenience stores price milk up to 50 cents cheaper.
  • Avoid the deli counter- Fresh sliced deli meat and prepackaged deli meat have few differences. You will be charged an extra dollar at the deli counter versus nearly identical prepackaged deli meat.

Be smart about your shopping decisions. Everything from signage to shopping cart size has been researched and tailored to optimize your spending. Remember these tips and avoid unnecessary spending at the supermarket.

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