Unexpected Savings from Health Related New Year’s Resolutions

MARTIN PICTURE croppedSeveral New Year’s resolutions focus directly on saving money. Start an emergency fund, design a budget and clip coupons are just a few. But health related resolutions can provide unexpected savings by cutting your medical bills and putting extra money in your bank account for paying down debt.




  • Quit Smoking- The average pack of cigarettes costs five dollars. A smoker using one pack per day will pay $2,000 annually for cigarettes alone. That doesn’t include insurance cost. Smokers typically pay 20% more than nonsmokers for health insurance. Life insurance can cost closer to 50%more for smokers. Smoking also makes you more susceptible to respiratory infections that can lead to costly doctor visits. 
  • Exercise Regularly-The average American spends over $7,000 on medical expenses each year. A study by the National Association of Health Underwriters found that twenty minutes of exercise a day can lower annual healthcare by more than 30%. Daily exercise reduces symptoms related to diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease. 
  • Eat Healthier-If you think eating healthier is expensive then you are not making the right purchasing choices. A bag of potato chips costs the same as a four pound bag of potatoes. The potatoes still have all the fiber and vitamins where the potato chips are chock full of sodium and preservatives. Buy produce in season. Not only will you get fresher ingredients but you will save money. When you by produce out of season you are subject to more transportation costs. 

Try these resolutions and not only will your bank account thank you, your body will be much happier. Tell us about your resolutions in the comments below. Here’s to getting out of debt in 2014!

Martin Sher is CEO of AmSher Collection Agency and a recent past president of ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals.  Martin is the author of the 54 word Collector Pledge, committing credit and collection professionals around the world to the ethical and respectful treatment of all consumers.  Martin’s personal mission is to get 5 million people out of debt-for good, and for FREE. 

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